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lplolol i finally danced on the beach in MOONLIGHT where the moon wasn't actually like 4 inches from my face..... it was kinda fun!!! pears, dancing, beach, yaaaaaah, it was totally the best... u guys have to do it sum time.....then i trie to eat a watermelon with my feet that was fun, but it was hard getting the seeds with my toe nail!!!11! :/ kinda gross too like, chunks of watermelon under my toenails

then i took a shower in the ocean n took a piss lololool take that u stupid crabs trying to pinch off my weewee while i sleep.... *grumble*


dead, much? well, i'm just posting now and then to keep up the interest. hopefully i'll get some event ideas in! <3
i had like the worst dream ever........ almost shit my pants

well i took a small walk on the beach last night and i got eaten by the waves!!!1 wtf high tide does NOT JUST APPEAR out of nowhere..... totally uncalled for... >:@ but at least i got a shower. all that sand got into weird places like in my ears and airholes fuckin no-eyebrows

maybe this all has to do with that rly scary-ass looking moon...... its like when i turn a fuckin corner, I SEE IT ARGGHHHH WTF SCARES ME LIKE A CLOWN DOES and i hate them clowns those jerks!!11!1 red noses n white makeup.... stars and shit okay i digress

on a more heroic note, i saved an emo kid from anorexia becuz i totally stole his hot-dog "persuaded him to choose a healthier diet plan"........ oh and like the fruit stands r out of pears AGAIN n i had to spill my whole fuckin lifestory to sum chick becuz she was all like BOO FUCKING HOO NOBODY LOVES ME and i had to totally lie tell her all this bullshit about havin a purpose n stuff, like GOD LOVES U as if i was some fuckin preacher OK WOW LOL i am so not happy today or sumthing

oh and she decided not to kill herself which is good because ppl like that r LOSERS, but all in all it was a bad day because they ran outta goddamn pears
Hello, earthlings. This is Zaku, talking to you from the Moon Base. It is the headquarters for the Super Heroes, who you assume are just a bunch of brainless assholes and incompetant, sorry excuses for human beings. Much less heroes. However, I'd like to announce that I, Zaku, am not an idiot. Only when I deem it necessary.

TAKe dAT bITches W00t I love the fuckin thesaurus!
i was on the swings one day and like this loser pushes me off... ok so I LOOK LIKE THE LOSER THERE, but then i beat him up and stole his lunch money!!1 YES SCORE and i bought a sandwich because that was like the most money i've ever had in my life. AND NO I AM NOT THE ROBBER (im talkin about the robbery that happened a few days ago) just because i stole this kids money... dude u have no idea how bad of a habit this is to break

boner man tells me theres food in the justice hall but i dont really believe him.... last time i asked where da bathroom was, he gave me retarded directions n i had to pee in a potted plant....!!1! gayness

nobody cares about my fund raiser... )))): fags
dude ok everybody has to read the news... im serious.. like, i dont read newspapers believe it or not... but yeah

read it now fools

anyway i never knew how easy it was to go to the moon and back..... god i love being a super hero!!!1 but everytime i go back, like it sucks. ppl dont care if i save their stupid bitchy ugly cats and my money fucking RUNS AWAY FROM ME god damnit somebody jinxed my god damn money i am so pissed!!!!! when i find out who did it ill kill 'em

oh btw im running a HELP ZAKU GROW A PEAR TREE fund.... anyone wanna gimme tons of birthday money donate?!?!
all i wanted was a fucking burger and i get thrown down a god damn trash thing... wtf!!!1 im so hella pissed...

but at least i get my fruit.... mmmm pears..... <3
OK so i flew to the moon last night because the justice people are there... and like mr boner told me to, since that's like the super hero place! SO WHY NOT? okay and now what? do i get to kick ass now?!? i wanna FIgHT and be famous and shit, so everyone will LOVE ME AND give me FRUIT WHEN I ASK!!!!1

god i swear the moment i got here, i had to go pee almost everyday..... maybe cuz like the moon's gravity is heavy and is pushing all my pee down. fucking gross man... but at least there arent any FUcKin CATS here

im bored... the moon sucks
i fuckin HATe those fruit selling losers. i swear, even when I DO have money, they don't give me shiet. pisses me off, gawd. i should just blow their asses away or sumething!!! >:@ so like yesterday i blew up their cart and stole a pear. man, its just the fruit guys, too. i dont mess with anyone else but them becuz they're losers. i hate 'em!!!

i saved a cat today, but the bitch got all pissed off at me and scratched my face and pulled some of my hair out. GOD I HATE CATS THEy sUcK

sucks for a first post, but i also wanted to say the gradient strip above are the links on my page. just so ya'll know. ;)